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Escape String

Escape String

The Free Escape String tool is an online utility that performs string escaping (escape the string) – converting a string into its escaped sequences. For instance, you can convert line breaks to newline (\n) and tabs to tab sequence (\t). Additionally, we offer the option to add a carriage return in case you intend to escape the string in CRLF format.

How this tool works?

The tool works by identifying various text formatting elements and transforming them into their respective escaped forms. It simplifies the process of converting characters like line breaks and tabs into their corresponding escape sequences, enhancing the clarity and functionality of your text. This tool is also useful in programming, where you can convert newlines and other characters in their escaped form within variables.

What is CRLF?

CRLF stands for "Carriage Return Line Feed." It's a character sequence used to represent the end of a line of text in computing. In simple terms, it signals the start of a new line and helps format text properly when displayed or stored in files. It is also represented by - \r\n

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Escape String
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