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Bionic Reading Converter
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Bionic Reading Converter

This Bionic Reading Converter tool transforms your plain texts into the Bionic reading format, facilitating faster and more efficient reading. The tool provides numerous formatting options for customizing the reading mode. Additionally, it allows you to import and export texts in various formats such as TXT, PDF, and eBook (.epub).

What is Bionic Reading?

Bionic reading is a system that involves bolding initials or certain parts of words. The main idea is to direct our eyes to the bolded portions. It is a biological phenomenon that, when we see the bolded letters, our brain immediately tries to complete them before we finish reading. Hence, this could be an effective way to make reading easier and more efficient by combining biology and technology.

Is it really Effective?

It is hard to determine whether it is effective or not. Many people find that they read faster without using the Bionic format. However, some individuals claim to read faster with Bionic-formatted text. Ultimately, it depends on personal preference. We have shown below the two paragraphs for comparison with and without bionic formatting.

The ancient castle stood on the hill, its weathered stones telling tales of a bygone era. Each turret and spire reached for the sky, a testament to the enduring legacy of the kingdom.
The ancient castle stood on the hill, its weathered stones telling tales of a bygone era. Each turret and spire reached for the sky, a testament to the enduring legacy of the kingdom.

Now you can compare the Bionic Reading effect by reading the lines above. These lines of Bionic formatting are generated by this tool with default settings. If you are facing issues in understanding the settings, we have listed below all the settings this tool offers in-depth.

Features of this tool

We have added many features to this tool to make it simple and easy. All of them are listed below -

Tabs - You will find three tabs in this tool: Input, Upload, and Website. The Input tab is for adding your text directly. The Upload tab is for extracting text from supported files. We have listed below all the supported extensions or files. And lastly, the Website tab is used for extracting paragraphs from web addresses.


All the settings that we offer for customizing your inputs are listed below.

  1. Fixation - This option changes the highlighting level of words, i.e, how much part should be bolded in percentage. For example, 40% Fixation means bolding 40% part of a word and 100% Fixation means bolding the whole word.
  2. Fixation Off - This option changes opacity of unbolded part of a word. It is useful for the purposes like adjusting contrast level.
  3. Addition Settings - This tool also provides settings for styling font, changing text size, line height and word spacing.

Important FAQ's
Is Bionic Reading Effective?
The effectiveness of Bionic reading varies among individuals. Some find they read faster without the Bionic format, while others claim increased speed with the formatted text. Ultimately, its effectiveness depends on personal preference.
What customization settings does the tool offer?
The tool provides settings such as Fixation (adjusting the bolding level of words), Fixation Off (changing the opacity of unbolded parts), and additional settings for font styling, text size, line height, and word spacing.
Who developed the Bionic Reading technique used in this tool?
The Bionic Reading technique was developed by Renato Casutt, and this tool uses their method to convert text into Bionic mode.
Is the Bionic Reading Converter tool free to use, and are there any usage limits?
Yes, the Bionic Reading Converter tool is entirely free to use, and there are no limits on usage. You can access its features without any restrictions.
How can I report a bug in this tool?
If you find a bug, please send us an email immediately using this form or at our address - [email protected]
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