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Text to Handwriting

This free text-to-handwriting tool allows you to convert typed text into real human-like handwriting and export it as a PDF or image. It also allows you to customize the text color, font, size, line height, letter or word spacing, and choose a page from a vast collection of options.

If you're looking to convert text into beautiful handwritten script or seeking to reduce the effort in creating your next school or college project, you're at the right place. Use our free Text-To-Handwriting Converter tool to achieve all your needs in just a few clicks.

How to use Text to Handwriting converter?

To convert your text into handwriting, follow these simple steps:

  1. Type or paste your text into the square box provided on the left side.
  2. You can see the preview in the preview window.
  3. Now, depending on the amount of text, you will see the number of pages generated at the top.
  4. Use the Next or Prev button to navigate through all the pages.
  5. Use the download icon located at the top right to export as PDF or images.

Features : Text To Handwriting

  • Realistic Paper Output
  • Real-Time Preview
  • Multiple Handwriting
  • Wide Range of Page Options
  • Custom Font Support
  • Different Pen Colors
  • Advanced Text Adjustments
  • Add Images & Elements
  • Fast, Free & Secure
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Multiple Export Options

How to use my own handwriting?

To use your own unique handwriting, you will have to generate a font of your handwriting. You can use websites like Calligraphr that allows you to create your very own font. Once you get the .ttf file of your handwriting, upload it here....

Now, it will be selected automatically. Try typing something in the input box, and you'll see your own handwriting reflected in the preview section.

How to change paper?

We offer over 50 unique and beautiful papers, ranging from normal white to Christmas-themed designs. You can choose any paper from the collection for free. To change the default page, navigate to:

Now, select the one that suits your work from the collection, and you're done. See the new page ready for you.

To upload cutom paper:

Classic Mode vs  Default Mode?

The Default mode is for those who simply want to convert their text to handwriting. However, the Classic mode provides more control over pages, styling, and allows you to create cool handwritten projects.

Suppose you want to include a closing phrase like 'Regards' or sign off at the end; this can be achieved only through Classic mode.

Note :-When you switch from one mode to another, you lose all the work in your previous mode. Therefore, it's recommended to work in only one mode at a time.

How to Export?

To export the pages as an image or PDF, click on the download icon at the top right. Select options such as 'Download all pages as PDF' to download all pages in a single PDF or 'Download all pages as images' to download all pages as images in a zip file, etc.

Important FAQ's
How does the text-to-handwriting tool work?
The tool uses advanced algorithms to convert typed text into a realistic human-like handwriting font. It allows customization of various aspects such as font style, color, and page design.
Do we store your personal data?
No, we do not store or collect your personally identifiable data from this tool.
Can I upload my own handwriting font to use in the tool?
Yes, you can. After generating a font file (e.g., .ttf) of your handwriting using external services, you can upload it to the tool through the customization options.
Are there options to customize the appearance of the handwritten text?
Yes, the tool offers a preview window where you can see how your text looks in the chosen handwriting style. This allows you to make adjustments before finalizing your output.
Is there a way to preview my handwritten text before exporting it?
Yes, you can. After generating a font file (e.g., .ttf) of your handwriting using external services, you can upload it to the tool through the customization options.
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