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YouTube Tag Extractor

This free online YouTube tag extractor tool helps you find tags of any YouTube video in just a few milliseconds. This tool offers functionalities like you can edit, remove, or copy a single tag that you think is useful for you.

How to extract YouTube video tags?

You can extract tags of any YouTube video by following these three steps -

📢 Youtube Shorts tags can also be extracted with this free tool. YouTube Shorts Tag Extraction is now Supported!
  1. Copy link of the video
  2. Paste the link in the input box
  3. And done. This tool will give you all the tags of the YouTube video.

What are YouTube video tags?

YouTube video tags are descriptive keywords or key phrases that publishers add to their videos to help viewers find their content more easily. Not only viewers but also helps YouTube know what your videos are about and rank them according to a search query. Thus it is important to use the right keywords to avoid invisibility in YouTube search results when related keywords are searched on YouTube.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Our Tool

  1. User-Friendly
  2. Fast & Secure
  3. Device-Friendly
  4. No Annoying Ads
  5. No Limitations

Features - That only we are Offering

We take user experience seriously, that's why before publishing any tool, we do check other tools on the internet to see what others are offering and what improvements we can bring to enhance our user experience.

  • Tag Editability
  • Remove Unwanted Tags
  • Hotkeys to help things done quickly
  • Copy Only Selected Tags
  • No limitations on usage
  • No Popups, No annoying ads
Important FAQ's
What does this tool do?
This YouTube Tag Extractor tool helps YouTube creators see what tags or keywords their competitor is using and then use their strategy accordingly.
Do we store your tags query?
We do not log or store your tag queries. All the requests from your end to our end are SSL secured, and no other third party can see them.
Do we have any API to extract YouTube video tags?
Sorry we don't have such API right now, but you can use YouTube Data API V3 API which is free and quite fast.
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Best tool I've found for extracting tags from youtube video
Reviewed • 25th May 2023
I love the tool
Reviewed • 14th May 2023
When I've to extract youtube tags, this is where I land through my bookmark tab. Really awesome & userful tools 🙃
Reviewed • 21st May 2023
Excellent tool for extracting youtube video tags. I always use this tool #goforit
Reviewed • 25th May 2023
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