Exponent Calculator
bx = y
b x = b . b .. (x times)

Exponent Calculator

The exponential, represented by (bx) refers to the mathematical operation of raising the base 'b' to the power of 'x.' When 'b' is a positive number, and 'x' is a real number, the result of this operation is an exponential function. It can be represented as -

f(x) = bx

Exponential function represents the rapid growth of a number as we move on to the x-axis. It always return the positive values (f(x) > 0) unless stated.

Exponent vs Exponential

The term 'Exponent' and 'Exponential' is always confusing, but they are two different aspects of an exponential function. 'Exponent' represent the power to which a base is to be raised and 'Exponential' represent the exponential function of mathematics. For example - 3^2 = 9. Here 2 is the exponent which is raised.

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