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Arcsine Calculator

The arcsine function, denoted as "arcsin" or "sin-1(x)" (sometimes written as "asin(x)"), is the inverse of the sine function "sin(x)". Its domain is all real numbers, and its range is between -π/2 to π/2, which corresponds to the interval [-1, 1]. It is represented as -

y = sin-1(x)

The arcsin function takes a value "x" between -1 and 1 and returns the angle "y" (in radians) whose sine is equal to "x".

The angle "y" returned by the arcsin function could be within any of interval [-π/2, π/2], [-3π/2, -π/2], [π/2, 3π/2]. However, the standard convention considers the range as [-π/2, π/2] known as the principal value of arcsin.

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