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  • YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

    Just paste the URL to download the thumbnail in all available qualities

    Youtube Thumbnail Downloader

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    About YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

    Our YouTube Thumbnail Downloader tool is a free and easy to use web tool that allows you to download and view thumbnails quickly. You can download thumbnails of the maximum quality that the uploader has uploaded on YouTube. This tool is super easy to use, just copy the targated YouTube video url and paste into the box and then click Fetch links button. You'll get to see the thumbnail image and different quality download options.


    There are many features that makes it different from other downloaders available on internet. Some of them are..


    Your privacy and security is our main concern that's why our website is SSL secure which means every data shared between server and client is encrypted. This tool is developed purely in JavaScript, which means no data is shared with the server, making it extra secure.


    As mentioned above, this tool is developed purely in JavaScript and does not require any data sharing with the server, making this tool super fast. Moreover, we have optimized this tool to provide you a faster and smoother experience.

    Auto focus & Scroll

    This tool is mainly developed to save your time, so we have designed this tool keeping in mind that page loads faster and user experience is also maintained. Merely loading the page faster doesn't save time so we have built-in features like autofocus. Autofocus? What is this? This means you don't need to click on the input box when you open this page. You can paste the URL and click enter once the page is loaded. You don't even need to scroll to download, you will automatically scroll to the download section. Simply view the thumbnail image and choose from the various options available to download.

    Device friendly

    This tool has been developed to work on all devices, making it device-friendly. You can use this tool on mobile devices as well as computers with big screens, the user experience will never die.

    Steps to download your thumbnail

    This simple tool doesn't require any guide to download thumbnail but still we're mentioning the steps for those who are still facing any problem.

    1. First step is very simple and straight, just paste the targeted YouTube video's URL in the input box.
    2. Once you have pasted the URL, hit enter or click the Fetch links button.
    3. You will automatically scroll down to the downloads section where you will see a thumbnail image and various download options. There you will see five download quality options, but sometimes the maximum quality is not available so you'll only see four options to choose from.

    FAQ's - YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

    Can I use this tool on mobile?
    Yes. This tool is compatible with all devices.
    Will I have to install any app to download thumbnail?
    No, it is a web tool so no app is required to download. Just open this page in a mobile browser and you are done! Download thumbnails super quickly and easly.
    Do we save any confidential data?
    No we don't. This tool does not store your any information of any kind. Be Assured!
    Can I use it offline?
    No. Since this tool fetches thumbnail image from YouTube servers, it requires internet to function.
    How will I report any bug?
    Feel free to report bugs as it helps us improve our tools. Unlike other websites, we provide seperate page to report bugs. You can report any bug on this Bug Report page.

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    This page was last updated on 25th November 2021 at 10:06 (UTC)