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  • YouTube Tag Extractor

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    About YouTube Tag Extractor

    Our YouTube Tag Extractor helps you extract tags from any YouTube video you want. This tool is very interactive and user friendly and works fine on every device. This tool is very helpful for YouTubers because by using this tool they can analyze the tags that their competitors are using. We have tried to give this tool a YouTube-like look so that users can get familiar with the tool soon.


    This tool comes with great features, check them out below.


    Like our other tools, this tool is also developed mostly in JavaScript which makes it ultra fast. We've well optimzed this tool to load faster even on slow internet connection.


    Security and user privacy are some of our main concerns and we have taken several measures to make this tool as well as this entire website super-secured. So Be assured and extract YouTube video tags with confidence.

    No Sign up required

    We do not ask you to create an account to use any of the services on this website.

    Device & User Friendly

    This tool is developed to work for almost every device. The experience on mobile devices will be the same as on desktop PCs, nothing changes, making it device-friendly. While talking about the user experience, we have put ourselves in the place of the user while developing this tool and tried to put everything that improves the user experience. So in our experience, this tool is 100% user friendly.

    Copy button

    You can copy the extracted tag by simply clicking the copy button.

    Delete button

    You can remove any of the tags by clicking the cross (x) button adjacent to the tags.

    Auto focus & Auto scroll

    Auto focus is a feature that auto-focuses the input box after the page load is complete. So you don't need to click on the box, just paste the video url and hit enter to go. The auto-scroll feature allows you to automatically jump to the extracted tag area after pressing Enter or clicking the Get Tags button.

    How to extract tags using this tool?

    This tool is very easy to use, follow the instructions below for help!

    1. Paste the targeted YouTube video URL into the input box and hit Enter or click the Get Tags button.
    2. You'll automatically scoll to the tags section.
    3. Now you can remove any unwanted tag by simply clicking on the cancel button adjacent to the tag or you can click on the copy icon given on the top-right corner to copy the entire tag.

    FAQ's - YouTube Tag Extractor

    Can I use this tool on mobile?
    Yes. This tool is developed to work on all devices.
    Will I have to install any app to extract tags?
    No, It is a web tool so no app is required. Just open the page in any mobile browser and walla! you are ready to extract tags.
    Do we save any confidential data?
    No, We don't store any information of any kind.
    Can I use it offline?
    No, Since this tool fetches the tags from YouTube servers, it requires internet to function.
    Is this tool free?
    Yes, This tool is free and will always be free.
    How will I report any bug?
    Feel free to report bugs as it helps us improve our tools. Unlike other websites, we provide seperate page to report bugs. You can report any bug on this Bug Report page.

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    This page was last updated on 5th August 2021 at 10:34 (UTC)