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  • What is my Screen Resolution

    Find your screen resolution, frame rate and other interesting facts
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    Your screen resolution ( in pixels )

    Your screen resolution -

    • Is almost --% larger than a 500px Smart phone
    • Can have xx small keypad phone
    • Have frame rate of

    About Screen Resolution Finder

    This tool helps you to find the width and height of your device screen in pixels. The number to the left of X is the width and the number to the right of X is the height. Apart from this, you can also check your screen FPS.


    You can find these things using this tool.

    Width & Height

    This tool gives you the exact height and width of your device screen. Note that the measurement is in pixels. For more detail there is 1 pixel (1/96) inch which is roughly equal to 0.0104166.

    Works offline

    This tool is written in JavaScript, which means that this tool does not require an internet connection to work once the page is loaded.

    Additional Details

    It gives you additional details like screen frame rate and a reference as how big or small your device is from a 500px smartphone. Plus you get to see how many keypad phones can fit on your screen. Note that these data may not be 100% accurate as it depends on factors such as the size of the keypad phone we are considering and for FPS, how much free RAM you have. These are just approximations but, screen dimensions and references both are accurate values.


    This tool is quite fast as it is completely JavaScript coded.

    How to use this tool

    You don't have to do anything, just open this page in the device whose dimensions you want to know.

    Got a question?

    You can ask any query related to this website or tool at ask@toolsoverflow.com.

    FAQ's - Screen Resolution Finder

    Can I use this tool on mobile?
    Yes. You can use this tool to find any device dimensions.
    Will I have to install any app to use this tool?
    No, it is a web tool so no app is required to download. Just open this page in mobile browser.
    Do we save any confidential data?
    It is a 100% client-side tool, built purely using JavaScript. We do not store your any data from this tool.
    Can I use it offline?
    Yes. Once the page is loaded it can be used anytime.
    How will I report any bug?
    Feel free to report bugs as it helps us improve our tools. Unlike other websites, we provide seperate page to report bug. You can report any bug on the Report a bug page or search the report bug link in the footer.

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