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    Just enter the URL below to encode
    URL Encoder
    Let's quickly encode your URL even offline!
    Please enter an URL to encode!

    About URL Encoder

    This URL Encoder is a free and easy online tool to encode URLs. You just have to paste the URL into the input box and press Enter or click the Encode button, and the tool will encode the URL in just a few milliseconds. Once the URL is encoded you can use combination of keys ctrl + shift + c to copy.

    How to Encode URL using this tool?

    It's simple that even a child can encode URLs in milliseconds. Follow the steps..

  • Type or paste the URL in the first input box and press Enter or click the Encode button.
  • It will encode the input url and will be shown on the second box.
  • Use the combination of CTRL+SHIFT+C or click the copy icon in the bottom-right corner to copy the encoded URL.
  • Features

    This tool has amazing features, read about them below.

    Works Offline

    The most amazing feature of the tool is that the tool works even offline without losing any encoding speed. After the page is loaded you can turn off the internet and do URL encoding with this tool.


    It is faster than other tools available on the internet. It can encode URLs in a few milliseconds. To prevent wastage of time we have provided shortcut to copy encoded URL which is CTRL+SHIFT+C.


    The experience of using this tool is smooth and excellent. We do our best to make all our tools user-friendly so that they feel like a seamless experience.


    It can work perfectly on every device no matter what the screen size is. It is designed to give a seamless experience and look same on every device.

    Take advantage of this tool

    You can remember these tricks to get this tool handy.

  • If you've already copied the URL you want to encode, use CTRL+V to paste when the page loads. We have provided auto-focus feature which autofocuses the input box so that you don't need to click on the input box.
  • Don't forget to hit Enter and not use the Encode button after pasting the URL to save your time.
  • To copy the encoded URL quickly, always use CTRL+SHIFT+C to copy it after the encode is finished.
  • FAQ's - URL Encoder

    How to decode an URL?
    For this we have a separate page, to go to that page click on the Decode button given next to the Encode button.
    Can I use this tool on mobile?
    Yes. This tool is developed to work on all devices including mobile phones.
    Will I have to install any app to use this tool?
    No, it is a web tool so no app is required to install. Just open the page in a mobile browser and you are ready to encode URLs.
    Do we save any confidential data?
    It is a 100% client-side tool, built purely using JavaScript. We do not store any of your data from this tool. Be assured!
    Can I use it offline?
    Yes. It works perfectly even without internet.
    How will I report any bug?
    Feel free to report bugs as it helps us improve our tools. Unlike other websites, we provide seperate page to report bug. You can report any bug on the Report a bug page or search the report bug link in the footer.

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