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  • Base64 Encoder

    Encode your private text, messages, and paragraph
    Base64 Encode
    Convert your text, url into base64 encoding.
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    About Base64 Encoder

    This Base64 Encoder web tool allows you to encode text, numbers, URLs or anything in Base64. The best thing about this tool is that you might like that it can also work offline but only once the page is loaded.


    There are a ton of features but let me write only the highlighted one...

    Fast & Secure

    Like our other tools, this tool is mostly built using JavaScript, and no server is used for its functioning. That's what making it faster and safer. Also, this site is SSL secured.

    No annoying ads

    Our mission is to make this the world's largest collection of free web tools and not makking a lot of money, that's why we've placed limited ads at relevant places. This ensures good user-experience and strong trust of users with us.

    Device friendly

    We aim to make our tools accessible from almost every device, so we have worked very hard to make it device friendly and at the same time, user-experience is not compromised.

    How to use this tool?

    Go through the following steps.

  • Type or paste the text, number or any string into the input box and click on the Encode button.
  • To copy & encode at the same time click on that Encode & copy button.
  • Got a question?

    Make sure to use this email address ask@toolsoverflow.com to ask any query related to this tool or website.

    Happy with the tool?

    If you find this tool helpful in any way, you can join others in completing our goal to upgrade ToolsOverflow server. Every penny counts and adds value.

    FAQ's - Base64 Encoder

    Can I use this tool on mobile?
    Yes, You can use this tool on any device.
    Will I have to install any app to use this tool?
    No, it is a web tool so no app is needed to install
    Do we save any confidential data?
    We don't store your any kind of data from this tool. Read our policy on collection and disclosure your personal details
    Can I use it offline?
    Yes, Once the page is loaded you can use it without internet.
    How will I report any bug?
    Feel free to report bugs as it helps us improve our tools. Unlike other websites, we provide seperate page to report bug. You can report any bug on the Report a bug page or search the report bug link in the footer.

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