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    ToolsOverflow is a collection of free online tools. It was launched on 5th July, since then we are continuously striving to add more tools and features to the existing ones. Its core mission is to create a pool of all possible online tools. Programming and hosting such a website takes time and money, but we'll not step back. We initially wanted to make an ad-free environment, but over time we realized that hosting such a heavy website costs too much. As a startup, we felt that we couldn't afford that amount. So, Toolsoverflow uses Google AdSense and Media.net advertising networks to show ads and get out the hosting and maintenance cost. We don't want to ruin the user experience so, we decided to put fewer ads at relevant places.

    About Owner

    Toolsoverflow is owned and managed by a group of computer geeks and passionate developers. It was first started by only two, and then many other friends also joined in this project. All members of our group are certified developers.

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    Contacting the owner means reaching the group of people behind ToolsOverflow. Use the form here or contact us through contact@toolsoverflow.com

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