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This free image to base64 tool can be used to convert an image file into a base64 string. Base64 is a binary-to-text encoding scheme that represents binary data as a sequence of printable ASCII characters. This makes it possible to embed image data within other formats, such as HTML, CSS, or JSON.

Benefits of Base64 Image

There are a number of benefits to using base64 encoded image, like -

  • You can easily embed images in HTML, CSS, or JSON files.
  • You can send images as email attachments without having to worry about file size limitations.
  • You can store images in a database or other file system without having to worry about file format compatibility.
  • Data URI Scheme

    Data URI scheme is a URI scheme that provide us a way to inculde our encoded images, style-sheets, etc. in-line on our web pages (HTML and CSS). For using data URI files we have a well defined syntax. We have listed below the list of all components necessary for using data URI.

    1. data - It is the starting keyword for data URI files.

    2. colon (:) - data is followed by colon (:) which is followed by Media Type.

    3. Media Type - The media type can also be followed by many other parameters seperated by semicolon(;). For example here the mime type text/plain is followed by the parameter charset - text/plain;charset=UTF-8

    4. base64, - Preceeding the semicolon (;) base64, represent that data from binary format is encoded in base64.

    5. <data> - At the end we use base64 encoded data.

    Important FAQ's
    Do we store your data through this tool?
    We do not log or store your personal data from this tool. Visit our privacy policy for more information.
    What is the price of this tool? Any Limits?
    Like our other tools, this tool is absolutely free. You can use this tool unlimited times.
    How can I support and thank your work?
    You can share our tool with your friends and bookmark for your future usages.
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